Feedin' Sheep Ministries

For His Purpose - By His Power - To His Glory!

Feedin' Sheep Ministries is a group of laymen from North Platte, Nebraska, and the surrounding area, who have joined together for the purpose of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ by bringing well known Christian bands to North Platte. In Mark 16:15, Jesus says, "go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation."

Feedin' Sheep Ministries applauds the work of churches and church youth groups for the work they do in spreading the Gospel. We believe our organization can assist in that effort. We believe by bringing in Christian bands, church youth group members will come to these concerts and invite friends that don't attend church, but feel "safe" going to a concert. We know of several instances where a person has come in to hear the music, heard the testimony and the message, and left as a new believer in Jesus Christ. Once that happens we encourage that person to become involved in a church where they can grow in their relationship with Jesus.

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